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Saturday, January 19, 2013

L. Ron Hubbard's Great-grandson slams Scientology as 'Dangerous Cult'

L. Ron Hubbard's Great-grandson slams Scientology as 'dangerous cult'

  • Calls Scientology 'absolute poison'
  • Hunted down, investigated and had phone tapped by church
  • Claims founder L. Ron Hubbard spent his final days unhinged, lost and surrounded by 'dark security forces'

Jamie DeWolf, the great-grandson of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, has come out with new explosive claims against the church and its controversial founder.

And it's not pretty.

'My family sees Scientology as absolute poison,' says Jamie DeWolf. 'It’s a dangerous cult.'


DeWolf’s great-grandfather, L. Ron Hubbard, created Scientology, and his grandfather, L. Ron Hubbard Jr., was a high-ranking member for most of his life.
'But he became disgusted about what he was seeing behind the curtain, so he left,' DeWolf tells the New York Post. 'For the rest of his life, he was hunted. And he couldn’t even have a relationship with his father.'
DeWolf says the Scientology founder 'became more and more unhinged in his last days. He was lost in his own little wonderland, surrounded by this armada, this dark security force. He was totally lost.'
When DeWolf was 8, he found a picture of his great-grandfather in a book about cults.
'Then I started to ask questions,' he said. 'Then I started to learn about this darker legacy.'
He claims that the church is dangerous cult.

Mr DeWolf said that he never met his great-grandfather and had never been a member of the church 
DeWolf, who was raised Baptist Christian, was warned about publicly admitting his connection to the group.
'My uncle said it was like poking a sleeping dog,' DeWolf said. 'The Scientologists didn’t know who I was or where I was, so why should I take the risk? My family was very wary.'
When he finally did come forward to share his story, DeWolf claims the Scientologists hunted him down.
'I had private investigators following me,' he said. 'It’s possible my phone line had been tapped. They fight nasty. Part of it actually is a certain malicious glee in going after their targets.'
He said it was definitely the cause for the split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
'The more [Katie] saw behind the curtain,” he’s said, “the more horrified that she probably was.'

Mr DeWolf is grandson of Ron DeWolf, L. Ron Hubbard's eldest son, pictured left holding Jamie's mother.

DeWolf said he has met people over the years that have shared similar stories with him.
'I’ve met people who’ve had 20 years of their lives utterly destroyed by this cult,' he said. 'They have relatives they can’t speak to any more, lost their kids, lost their house. It’s become very serious to me.
For me to even speak out on my own genetic legacy and to be aware that I could absolutely threatened and hunted for that, that really emboldened me. I’m not gonna die with these secrets and they should be exposed.

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