Press Play!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So the guys over @ AnimalNewYork are AMAZING!.. They obtained Lohans voicemail messages because our lovely lilo posted her real phone number on her facebook; and her password was 1-2-3-4. haha.

They Say
"In the spring of 2008, LiLo made the unfortunate decision to post her private information — including her cellphone number — on Facebook which was soon snatched up and passed around by approximately half the internet population. Lindsay also left her private voicemail messages easily accessible because the password she chose was, amazingly, “1-2-3-4″. A post-Hollywood career at NORAD is unlikely.

Below are some of the voicemail messages that give us, the non-celebrity public, a candid glimpse at the pseudo-friends, estranged family, rehab buddies, and prospective lesbian stalkers vying for her attention at that time.

Make sure to wait until the end, as her desperate deadbeat father warbles a heartfelt message and then holds his cellphone up to the car stereo speakers to let her know he’s listening to her new CD as he drives. It’s beautiful honey…"