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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wendy apolagizes to ericka-toure aviance

From GaySocialites:

Wendy Williams producer apologizes for offending Drag Queen.


I'm sure it isn't the five minutes of fame that drag queen Ericka Toure Aviance was hoping for, but the producer of the Wendy Williams Show have apologized for offending her during a taping of the show.

Everyone knows I love Wendy Williams, and I think she's the closest thing to a drag queen that a woman can be. Recently, New York draggie Ericka Toure Aviance showed up for a taping of an episode dressed a little too flamboyantly. When asked to move out of the shot of the cameras, Ericka felt discriminated against.

Now, Wendy's producers have apologized.

“Much of the success of The Wendy Williams Show is due to our incredibly diverse and colorful audience and we all agree that fashion is a true form of self expression. But in an attempt to explain and enforce our show’s dress code, I was not as sensitive as I could have been to Ericka, the LGBT community or drag’s long history of being a target of discrimination. And for that, I sincerely apologize as it was never my intention to offend in any way,” said a statement from Lonnie Burstein, Executive Vice President, Programming & Production, Debmar-Mercury.

Some gay media outlets suggested that Wendy should publicly apologize to Ericka live on the show, but I disagree. Having worked in television, I understand how important the wardrobe of anyone who appears on the air is. A small button with crazy stripes can take over the entire screen.

I can't imagine that Wendy Williams would ever do anything to hurt the gays! We're probably her second largest demographic.

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