Press Play!

Monday, August 10, 2009


From Stuart Black:
Hey kids,

Time for the next chapter in the my little black book.

Yes Mr. Black is moving, and with it the birth of a new direction and another chapter that will once again leave an undeniable and influential mark in NYC nightlife.

Mr.Black - dance den begins August 14th.

Official details and press release will be out August 12th.

We thank Room Service NYC for the new partnership and collaboration and look forward to the new journey.

The gypsies? The traveling circus? The cursed nomads? The evil genius's of nightlife?

We are all of these things......but more.........

We will provide a unique and new york flavored soundtrack, to our much loved, wacky and fun sensibility. Always fiercely independent and defiantly unique we promise not to disappoint.
With an emphasis on nurturing homegrown talent and combining it with the best international guests we look forward to bringing back our unique, dark, intimate and sexy vibe.

Yes kids, my beloved dance den is back and I for one am ecstatic!

Deviant fun is back my pretties.

Welcome to the dark side, dance with the angels in a dance den reborn.

big hugs and kisses.


dance den

NEW LOCATION: 35 E. 21st (BTW Broadway & Park. Ave. South) (Flatiron, NYC)

See you There!!