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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

mr. black is really going to L.A.

From BlackBook:

"Mr. Black is Coming to La La Land?
August 19, 2009

Mr. Black is Coming to La La Land?

So, hidden deep inside our fellow Blackbook Blogger Steven Lewis's recent column about Mr. Black's latest incarnation, we found this nugget. Mr. Black is going to have an L.A. presence! Mr. Black, in its original location in the Village, was one of our favorite places to go. It was a straight-friendly gay bar that always featured cutting edge music; it was just the right size, had a great soundsystem and featured a man in a top hat and little else. That space was busted in a questionable raid, and has moved around quite a bit since I left New York two years ago.

Starting in September, we will be able to get all nostalgic for the days when waiters gave us drinks wearing nothing but an apron and a top hat. Apparently, the Ass, who we once interviewed, has moved to the Best Coast where he is plotting the West Coast Mr. Black at Bardot on Tuesdays starting September 15. Though the Ass (known in the real world as Luke) will not be present here, it’s possible Luke will hire his successor, and so L.A. will be able to continue the tradition of getting their picture taken next to a bare bottom while being completely drunk.

Our estranged hubby, Mr. Black (real name: Stu), wrote us saying: “I would never dare try and do something in lalaland without someone who lives and breathes it, and Luke is the perfect person to produce the night. The night is slowly being conceived and all looks well.”

We look forward to (and will even drive to Hollywood for) it."

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