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Saturday, August 29, 2009

more on them getting naked @ the standard



More people are flocking to the High Line's Standard hotel as word spreads of X-rated sights like these gals cavorting behind floor-to-ceiling windows.

The city might want to rename its newest park the "Thigh Line."

Thrill-seekers yesterday flocked to the Meatpacking District's newly christened High Line urban paradise to catch a glimpse of the free skin show playing out in the massive windows at The Standard hotel, which straddles the park.

Photos: The Standard Hotel Peep Show

"It's a little peep show -- but instead of being on 42nd Street, it's down here at the High Line," said Andre Landeros Michel, 34, a Chelsea designer who regularly ventures over to view randy Standard guests having sex in front of the massive floor-to-ceiling windows in full view of the park.

A Parks Department worker said that plenty of people come to the park, built on the old elevated train tracks, specifically to watch the erotic exhibitionism.

"I think it's healthy and fun -- it's flirtatious," said Harlem resident Aaron Lipman, 34, a media research analyst who works near the park.

"It's like 'Wild Kingdom,' " added Lipman, who came to peer up at the windows with pal Jillian Andersen, 26.

But, as The Post reported yesterday, the hotel's X-rated windows are drawing ire from families and local business people who are sick of the nightly sexcapades and porn shoots on display.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called The Standard on the carpet, calling the alleged window action "unacceptable."

Yesterday, hotel officials -- who had bluntly encouraged the raunchy behavior, boasting on the inn's Web site that "it's all about sex, all the time" -- said they will try to be more sensitive.

"We will make a concerted effort to remind guests of the transparency of the guest windows," management said in a statement.

The Standard also sent a conciliatory letter to Quinn, sources said.

"We are encouraged by the action they have taken," Quinn said yesterday, adding that she will continue to "monitor the situation."

But voyeuristic New Yorkers think the show should go on.

"We saw two feet pressed against the glass in an apparent attempt to get better leverage," said sightseer Lipman. "Our curiosity is piqued -- but it hasn't yet been satisfied. We'll come back."

Added Andersen: "If you didn't want to be seen you'd draw the curtains."


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