Press Play!


Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Hi everyone I'm sorry that I haven't posted or updated in a while work is very busy but on my social media you see that I'm there I have to take time out because this is a huge one and I hope that everybody sees that if we continue we will have success I'm really proud to know that Rob and Stephanie are people I know and I will post screenshots full this is a win and I hope that this energizes everyone. 

I think that while you read this or hear this news you should recall your own experience or imagine one of your friends or whatever brought you to the supposed and think about if you were inside right now remember that you can always reach out to the icapa network for support. Or my hashtag #notjustbritney 

Please remember that this is one of a thousand a hundred thousand a million remember when you were laying in that bad hoping someone was coming to get you and think about those boys in that school that someone came to get them those people were us don't lose hope don't lose steam and keep fighting for the simplest thing the welfare of children this is a win for every survivor everywhere and anyone who has ever been mistreated I love you guys. X 

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