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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inflatable Hot Tubs Coming To NYC Roof For 'Epic' Nightlife Movie Experience

Soaking in a rooftop hot tub with a few pals, gazing out over the city's twinkling skyline, and sipping a few cocktails while you watch a movie—well that does sound delightful. But if we know anything about going out in this city, it's that things are never going to be like what you think they're going to be like... unless, were you picturing this?:

Well then, CHEERS!
The people at Hot Tub Cinema are bringing their kiddie pools and some warm water over from the UK next month. On May 8th, they're partnering up with Crowdtilt for "a unique experience (first in US) you won't want to miss out on!" For $55 you can purchase a spot in a "hot tub," and with that you'll also get an open bar, popcorn, a movie, and according to the press release an "epic/priceless story to share with your friends." The ones you did not invite to the hot tub party.
There are 14 tubs, which means 14 "Tub Captains" (THEIR THING NOT OURS), and 100 spots total. You can claim your spot here... and please drink responsibly.

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