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Friday, November 9, 2012


Why have you chosen Maxim Bar to present your site?
I just like the atmosphere. Honestly speaking, I love walking together with friends to a restaurant, having delicious dishes, embroider some wine and smoking hookah. To me, communicating is the most important thing. I dislike pretentious places. I feel good when people go to the bar wearing sneakers and there is no dress-code, like in America. No one stares at you if you arrive alone, they don't try to make you leave and there is no monstrous girls around that pass with a specific aim that is hunting for the money. Maxim Bar reminded me of the American institution.

You recently opened your own restaurant, Spletni. Why do you go in the restaurant business, rather than for the money or party?
Just the other day, I broke the contract with the investors of the restaurant. I was absent for 3 years. I came out and wanted to start all at once. Started writing a book and opened a restaurant. But the investors were not creative people. I did not hide my face, I didn't leave. I don't believe this is gonna be my last restaurant.

"Spletni" (Gossip) isn't this a bad, uncomfortable word to call a restaurant?
I don't agree on that, I think whole life is a gossip. Every single person who meet will share their impressions. Of course, dirt will always be there, but there's also a good kind of gossip.

Can you name at least one pleasant gossip about yourself?
Yes, of course!  Apparently, I changed and became serious. I grew hair. Sexy brunette. As for the video "Back To Her Future" which I did with Dima Bilan, they say "Romantic couple, Julia Volkova wearing a long dress to the floor, she became a lady with it".

And which gossip will entertain us in your book?
It's autobiographic. My life in t.A.T.u, my secrets, which nobody knows but me; my sex life, party and drugs, everything that has happened over the years. My fans are already waiting, they ask about it around all social networks. They are all wondering what I can do after my calm break. I just wanted to breathe, because after 10 years of success, it was impossible to continue on the same wave. And now I'm back, I missed having this drive.

You are now a lady with two children. Is all this juicy past with t.A.T.u. a pleasant memory or not?
This is my life story, to conquer the world and open doors for me in all parts of the world. t.A.T.u. were two girls sending "F*cks" around, this of course was a provocation. At that point, this insolence was close to my nature. I was 15 years old and I was a tomboy! Everyone has experiments, you become fearless and want to try it all. Then priorities change. But t.A.T.u. will remain as a classic.

What dish is the best cure for a bad mood, in your opinion?
Sweets. I'm crazy about sweets. Although, of course, I'm always on diet, after 6pm I don't allow myself to eat any carbohydrates, not even in the form of fresh juices! Only proteins! On the other hand, during the mornings I do enjoy a pie. That is, perhaps, my only daily habit. I don't smoke, drugs are in the past. Even alcohol, it is rare that I drink because I get drunk real quickly, it only takes 1 to 3 glasses of wine. 

Going back to gossip, you have two children and no wedding. Is it offensive?
For me, this is going to happen only once and forever. Seeing, conquering, spending the rest of our lives together. Just everything. There is no such person. I still haven't met the prince who will become a king for me! I want it, I'm open for it. But in general I have little dreams. I have plans for next week, but what will happen in a year I simply don't know. My only future plans are having more children, - I want to have 5! - to be a businesswoman, opening my own restaurant. Which will be as in the cartoon "Ratatouille": a warm kitchen, total vanity. There will be no drunken people walking around, but passion. No debauchery, but comfort. And a huge dessert menu!

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