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Saturday, November 20, 2010


"The first person who comes to mind when we think of celebrities with mental illness is definitely former pop princess Britney Spears. After the ravages of… whatever it is that she has. Although Spears has never been officially diagnosed with either bipolar, schizophrenia or depression, there’s much speculation surrounding her battle with these diseases from both the public and her own friends. 
Tabloids will be tabloids, but something is clearly wrong when an individual’s own friends and family are convinced of the undiagnosed problem based on their own interactions. After a meltdown in 2008, Spears shaved her head and was committed to a mental health facility for an evaluation. Her bizarre and reckless behavior cost her the custody of her own children and earned her a court ordered conservatorship, given to her father. Her weird antics include (but are absolutely not limited to) attacking a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella, donning wigs and speaking in foreign accents at random, endangering the safety of her children in a myriad of ways, and stripping naked in public."

"The daughter of a mentally ill widow, Marilyn Monroe was left to cold and uncaring foster homes in her youth. She was attacked at the age of six and barely escaped sexual assault. An extremely intelligent and cultured individual, Monroe didn’t let her hardships growing up stop her from becoming one of the most successful and historically significant celebrities of all time.
At the height of her success, Monroe began abusing sleeping pills and alcohol. Her work ethic declined along with her health, especially when she suffered from a number of miscarriages in the 60s. A divorce, the death of a friend, tumultuous affairs, and dismissal from a large motion picture role for poor attendance all contributed further to her depression. Monroe was admitted to an institution for mental evaluation and was released after only a short time — but never returned to filming. She would be found alongside two empty sleeping pill bottles only two months later."

"It’s a little unclear whether Courtney Love is wasted all the time, mentally ill, or both. Her ridiculous antics often earn her a place on celebrity news sites, and her erratic behavior has caused many a problem with both individuals and businesses. From carelessly starting a cigarette related fire in her favorite London hotel, to making nonsensical misspelled tweets about lawsuits and hating Lily Allen, Love never fails to make a scene. She’s been to both overeaters’ and shopaholics’ anonymous meetings, struggled with drug addiction, and lost custody of her child after accusations of neglect and abuse."

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