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Sunday, September 5, 2010

From The Desk Of: Khloe Kardashian

"I am a little confused as to why people who "hate" me so much follow my every move and know every last thing about me (whether it's fact or fiction). It's funny to me how these so called "haters" can sit behind a computer screen and all of a sudden have courage. Have hate pouring out of them through their fingertips. Whether you're a hate blogger, a writer who only seems to say the worst about an individual, or someone who leaves hateful comments — no matter which of these categories of "hater" you fall under, I most likely have seen many of you in person before and you have never said these things to my face. This is because you are a coward. You don't have the guts. You are the ones that when we come face to face can only stutter compliments. People are entitled to their opinions. I am completely for freedom of speech. But that doesn't mean you do it hatefully. I definitely don't agree with a lot of things but I don't hate. I don't send hate mail.

Whether you love me or hate me, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for the ratings you give me on BOTH of my TV shows because based on the comments you leave on my page, it's clear that you watch. And some of you even watch enough to be able to quote me. Wow! Thank you for that! Thank you for buying all of the magazines I'm in, because I read your comments based on rumors that only you would know if you have read these ridiculous lies. Thank you!

You, "my hater", are giving me more sales  I also wanted to say thank you for giving me hits on my website. Leaving me comments only are adding to the amount of hits I receive each month. So thank you to my haters! You truly are making me better  God bless. I hope you are proud of yourself. I am proud of you!"

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