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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Peter Rauhofer & Lula- The DJ List
Remixes: Lissat & Voltaxx, Charlie Solana, Joseph Indelicato

Star 69 Records
Release Date: May 7th, 2010

Beatport Exclusive
Star 69 Records brings you house legends Peter Rauhofer & Lula and their brand new single, “The DJ’s List”. Caned by many DJ’s during WMC and featured on the DMC Buzz Charts this is an essential track for any DJ. Peter Rauhofer (Star 69 Records) brings back the classic Lula (The DJ,The Music, And Me) and tops it off with remixes from Lissat & Voltaxx, Charlie Solana, and Joseph Indelicato.

DJ Feedback:
Chus – love it! huge for me
Hardsoul/DJ Roog- BIG!
David Guetta- Tasty
Patric La Funk: super cool mix! will play it for sure!! Thx
Cevin Fisher- Excellent package here.. full support !
Micheal Woods. On my list!
Tom Novy : Hot stuff L&V rocks
Stefano Noferini . yes yes L&V mix superb!
D.O.N.S: in my set the L&Vmix !
Jerome Isma-ae : Cool!
Tom Stephan- WOW Joseph Indelicato remix is HOT
Manuel de la Mare: Bombastico yes L&V for me
Alex Kenji: L&V in my set!
David Amo & Julio Navas: Full support for Lissat & Voltaxx!
Per QX- Love It! Original is cool

Hoxton Whores- Staunch
Lissat & Voltaxx, Dean Coleman, Gabriel &  Castellon, John DeSohn
Star 69 Records
Release Date: May 7th, 2010
Beatport Exclusive

U.K.'s highly prolific production/dj team 'Hoxton Whores' have made their way over the Atlantic and landed right at Star 69 Records with their first release on the label entitled "Staunch". The original mix is capped off with a strong package featuring remixes from Gabriel & Castellon, Lissat & Voltaxx, and a killer mix from Grammy Nominated artist Dean Coleman.

DJ Feedback:
Mastiksoul- Nice Release will support
Paul Harris: Good release like Dean’s mix the best J
Kid Massive: .Nice selection of mixes !
Fabrice Dayan:  WMC Buz for sure on this one Gabriel Castellon Mix
Tom Novy : Hot stuff L&V rocks
Dave Aude- Lissat & Voltaxx are tearing it up !
Guy Garret (DMC World): Real groovy underground bangers here !
Hardsoul (Roog):  Cool stuff !
Baggi Begovic:  Another great remix by Lissat & Voltaxx
Alex Kenji: L&V in my set!
Scumfrog- Love the remixes but the original is my fav
David Morales- Love Dean’s Mix also a fan of Hoxton whores
Robbie Rivera- Cool groove
Alex Gaudino- Cool !

Suzanne Palmer – Big Love (Beatport Exclusive)
Release Date: May 28th 2010 on Star 69 Records
Remixes from Peter Rauhofer, Muzzaik, Peter Brown + Etienne Ozbourne

Star 69 Records brings you “BIG LOVE!”  The classic vocal is brought back by Star 69 and flawlessly resung by house diva Suzanne Palmer. Muzzaik, Peter Rauhofer & Etienne Ozbourne & Peter Brown make this an essential package, big support all through WMC and is now available for licensing.

Roger  Sanchez- I played it at Mansion this week, Muzzaik mixes rock!
Dave Aude  -  One of the the best vocals ever..  Really love Etienne + Peters’s stabby mix.
Max Vangelli – Muzzaik remix for me will play for SURE.
Amin Golestan- Love the Muzzaik remix!
Hector Romero-  Muzzaik remix – WOW!!!
Kid Massive – Hot hot Mix
Fabrice- Classic! Muzzaik Remix is big for me WMC  buzzing track.
DJ Boris- Love the vocal! Muzzaik remix is the one!
Alex Kenji – Solid tracks, great sound, massive groove..  Muzzaik & Ozbourne remixes are killers 
Tom Novy- Peter Brown remix is good!
Edgar V – Awesome mixes! LOVE Rauhofer & Muzzaik
Syke N Sugarstarr – Hott
Scumfrog – Full Support on the Muzzaik

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