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Friday, January 22, 2010

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For a little bit over a year now I have been working in the nightlife industry. I'm often asked how I got so far, so fast; and while I'd like to say its a lot of hard work - my first adventure will explain how King Ralphy really came to be.

My strategy... I didn't have one. I got a job working in the marketing department at a straight nightclub despite the fact that I studied fashion marketing, but a kid's gotta eat - ya know?

What I didn't, however, expect was the adventure ahead. Up to that point, I had never really gone to any gay clubs. For me, I went out for dance music and that generally meant just underground raves.

When I found out that my new nightclub marketing gig also included working with the insanely popular "Hot Mess" party, I cringed a little in the beginning but quickly fell in love. Before I knew it, "Hot Mess" crumbled. It might sound like bad news, but I got a great new gig hosting an amazing gay party with the likes of Jason Preston and 12 Pack.

So if I had to define it... my strategy has been to only hit the hottest parties, have fun and make sure everyone else is having the time of their lives too. My marketing job then started to seem secondary as the best parties in the city started paying me to host and promote their events. The next thing you know, I've landed an amazing job doing marketing with Grammy award winning DJ Peter Rauhofer at Star 69 records.

After the break, you can come along on my Adventures in Clubland and see what went down in my life last week.

Little did I know that 2010 was going to start out with such a bang. Working in the nightlife business, you have your ups and downs. One minute you're hosting a different gig each night making more money than you know what to do with. The next thing you know you're downing a nice glass of wine while bitching to your BFF/publicist on the phone that you're only working one or two nights each week.

This week started off right when I got the invitation on Monday to present a Pill Award on Sunday, January 24th. I had to call up my publicist, Charles Winters (or as we all him... "Wintahs"), to find out what that was - but I knew it had to be great when I saw the list of already confirmed presenters. Among the names were the Village Voice's Michael Musto and my friends Malan Breton, Dina Marie, Sherry Vine and Celso. It was dope to even be included. Plus the after party is at Asseteria, where Junior (Vasquez) will be spinning. Who could say no, really?

Things got even more exciting this week when I started BS'ing with my absolute favorite rapper Foxy Brown via Twitter. Everyone knows, I'm just a ghetto kid from Brooklyn; so Foxy and I speak the same language. Plus we've got some mutual friends, and we even went to the same high school. I know all you Brooklyn kids have a favorite rapper, so you can only imagine what I was going through!

If you live in Brooklyn or are passionate about Hip-Hop you know how treasured your "favorite rapper" is to you. Note to self (and all friends, publicists and promoters out there): a Foxy performance at my birthday party this April would be the icing on the cake.

In between my mid-week eyebrow waxing and shopping for the weekend's outfit; I sealed the deal on a new dance party called Twisted with Charles, Dina and some of the klub kids; Demanda Dahling and Herra-C. It's going to be a great replacement to the departure of "Blonde leading the Blonde", an event I was promoting on Wednesday nights. Basically, I'm working with a new crew on a different night at Vlada starting very very soon.

That news meant I was open for bookings on Wednesday nights, so what better to do that hit the town! After stopping by Vlada to say good-bye to Sherry Vine and Epiphany's show, I was on my way to "the Happening" next at the Hudson Hotel. For a lack of better words, this party is happening.

Right in the door, I got to meet Birdy's father (yes, dear ole dad was in the building); got a much needed pep talk from One-half Nelson (a new found friend who has always somewhat been there) and even discussed the possibility of a hosting gig there occasionally.

While hanging at Birdy's table with such friends as Ericka Tour Aviance, Matthew Herra C and Nancy NoseCandy, gossip guru Demanda Dahling shared a drunken tip with me. "I drink for free," she slurred, "because clearly everyone drinks for free." I'm still trying to figure it out, but that bitch always has drink tickets no matter where we go. She's like a vodka slot machine.

As Wednesday night became Thursday morning, I made my rounds to say goodbye to the DJ's, hosts and door staff before I found myself driving around Manhattan with Demanda, Herra C and Steve Sandy helping me navigate my way to the FDR. Our destination was Eastern Bloc where we hoped to catch a glimpse of Anderson Cooper's yummy boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani who is one of the co-owners over there.

Despite the fact that we had no idea where we were going and didn't even arrive until the wee hours of the morning we still found a packed house when we arrived thanks to DJ Nita who had everyone dancing their asses off until the sun came up. It's no real secret to anyone, but Nita really is such an amazing DJ, and that bitch track set he played turned us all out!

Seen on Wednesday night: Lady Fag, Xander, Johnny Dynell, Celso and pretty much the entire "Happening" staff. Oh, and a glimpse of Mr. Anderson Cooper. He's yummy too!

I definitely was feelin myself that night, which makes it a great night to be photographed. I love runnning into the nightlife paparazzi, Andrew Werner and Jeff Eason, pictures are worth a million words and because of them ill always have some great ones as memories.

After watching Celso & Nelson enjoy a makeshift runway show at an East Village dive bar, I decided it was time to retreat to my palace. I got back in my car, head back on the FDR and ahh finally, I was home in Brooklyn.

On Thursday, I zoomed by the Star 69 for what was supposed to be a fly by to say hi to Peter and Nima turned into a later night of stories about the history of New York's nightlife. Sometimes I like to say I am going to the school of Star 69, and it is moments like this that will make you a believer. There's nothing like listening to Ra-Ra-Rahoufer and Mitch Amtrak share stories about how it "used to be" at Roxy.

They are creating a Roxy appreciate group on Facebook where they can share old stories, memorabilia, tickets and photos from that era (including the last 12 hours of the ROXY closing party!!!) . My girl, Ashleteria, is also a Star 69 staffer making it easy to get sucked in... especially when she started archiving such things as photos of Peter with Madonna, coffee table books about clubs where he had worked in Vienna and even some with very high profile guests like Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain and a pre - fame Sade. Peter said it was some what of a darker club and the majority of people wore Klub Kid type looks, I dont know about any of them but the NYC Klub Kids always will be my favorite, as friends and entertainers. Anyway, the book was addressed " TO: Helmut Lang , From: Peter Rauhofer. This is the shit that I live for. I remember being in school writing essays and make presentations about Helmut Lang, his designs always being so exciting and dark. This was a reminder as to why I do this every day. I told Ashleteria if she organizes it all maybe one day we could convince Peter to open a nightlife museum and put all this stuff on display.

By the end of that excursion, Winters had called with a great opportunity to meet with the owners of a hot new venue downtown that the straights are dying to get into. He's putting together a team there, and it sounds like an amazingly fun group. How can I be getting paid to have so much fun?

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this week and now its time to have some fun, which in my business also happens to be show time! So now ill go get dressed, get in my car and head to the city. I have a full weekend ahead of me with three nightclubs and a grand opening; but ill tell you all about that next time.


Look for my next Adventure in Clubland exclusively on early next week!

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