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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Robpromotions & Benny Soto in association with Dance.Here.Now present a special night for legendary nightlife icon Anthony LaMont featuring DJs Hex Hector, Jason Ojeda, Chris Vargas, Mario Caligari, Pauly Raffaele, and many more to be announced. Special viewing of Anthony's photo exhibit "Out of Focus" featuring pictures of Legendary DJs & Promoters, soon to be on sale.
Don't miss this special event for one of New York's most beloved icons!
*This is a no guest-list benefit - come out and show some love for the person who has given 100% and kept the parties alive in NYC for years*

Make sure to support Anthony, aside from being a friend of mine Anthony is a Drag Entertained but by far not your average queen.. Anthony is frequently the only host @ Pacha, a club with over 5000 people in it a night. Plus, he changes the lights for us smaller people. =)

Here's some more about Anthony:
"Eventually, he was introduced to the nightlife New York City had to offer. He became a bouncer at Barracuda and on a whim entered Mona Foot's Star Search contest where he won for (a record) seven consecutive weeks. He decided to go by the moniker Ms. Doo-Her, "because I was performing her record and her record." As the weeks went by, LaMont realized that he had a knack for entertaining a crowd and with his captivating performances the crowds kept on coming guaranteeing jam-packed venues. However, the question remained; How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else in the business? It seems that drag queens are a dime a dozen and LaMont knew enough to want to be unique. He already had the awe inspiring performances under is belt, but he needed something else. Hence, a man in a dress with a goatee was born.

In his own words, "I didn't want people to feel intimidated by me and I thought this would be a fun way to invite people in. I wanted to make people smile and be a part of something fun. And this was the best way to convey that message."

The message has come across loud and clear. In the last few years, LaMont's popularity has soared to such an extreme that he seems to have transcended the masses playing host to a diverse mix of people in legendary night spots like Café Con Leche, Tunnel and Sound Factory. In a profession where many fall into a pigeon hole-entertaining only a select-LaMont has managed to steer clear of that trap, playing host to what he calls 'a big pot of stew'. Drawing a diverse crowd-a blend of bridge and tunnel, the hip Chelsea mix, as well as the Asians, Latino and Blacks-LaMont has indefinitely secured his place in club land since taking on the persona of Anthony LaMont, a man in a dress with a goatee."
I"ll see you there!
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