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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet DJ Rap

Charissa Saverio (better known as DJ Rap) is a British drum and bass, house music and progressive electronic music disc jockey.

While the majority of her work is in the jungle style, her more successful work is in traditional electronic music. DJ Rap has been voted the #1 female DJ in the world by Shejay. She owns, records for, runs and A&Rs two labels Propa Talent and Impropa Talent. She is also a producer, model and actress. DJ Rap grew up all over the world and was born in Singapore.

She has been a prime figure on the drum and bass scene, however not content to just sit in the studio and direct, she honed her profession as an engineer and produced had many hits, often collaborating with other artists. Hits like "Spiritual Aura" changed the drum and bass scene and lead to the birth of Propa Talent. After being the first artist on the scene to self-release her first CD, she gathered interest from Sony and was soon signed to the label along with Grooverider and Leftfield, where she surprised again with a new sound.

Her most well-known artist album, Learning Curve, was released in 1999 to critical acclaimand resulted in several highly stylized music videos, including 2 versions of "Good To Be Alive" (one for the CD version and another for the rarer radio remix) and "Bad Girl," a song about having to be a strong woman to survive in today's world. Rolling Stone Magazine gave Learning Curve three and a half stars, stating "this is the record Madonna wanted to make." Learning Curve went on to sell over 1 million copies bringing her total sales to over 3 million worldwide including her successful compilation sales including Journeys By DJ, Propa Classics Vol. 1 & 2, Brave New World, Armani Exchange CHEMISTRY & Touching Bass, Bulletproof, Up All Night, which have all crossed many genres and has become her trademark.

Podcasts from DJ Rap

Propa Podcast feed:

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Download Propa Pods 24th June 2009Propa Pods 24th June 2009

  • DnB classics all the way with this slammin mix for the latest installment of Propa Pods, put together lovingly by DJ Rap.

    Track list:

    1. Dillinger - Good Girl - Dubplate

    2. Dillinger - Twist Em Out - Dubplate

    3. DJ Rap - Fiece (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) - Dubplate

    4. DJ Rap - Music (Danny C Remix) - Propa Talent

    5. Shy FX - Nuttah - Dubplate

    6. Prizna - Fire - Dubplate

    7. DJ Taktix - It's The Way - Dubplate

    8. General Levy - Roughest Gunark (DJ Rap Remix) - Fashion Records

    9. DJ Rap & Aston Harvey - Spiritual Aura - Propa Talent

    10. DJ Rap - Intelligent Woman - Propa Talent

    11. J Magik - Space Invaders - Dubplate

    12. Dillinger - Ain''t Too Loud - Dubplate

    13. Dillinger - Live Or Die - Dubplate

    14. ?? - Konflict - Dubplate


Download Propa Pods 16th April 2009Propa Pods 16th April 2009

  • Rap returns, with a selection of tracks from her last solo album 'Up All Night', enjoy!

    Track list:

    1. Bella Fortissimo

    2. Heavenly

    3. Angels & Demons

    4. High Octane

    5. Drummin' & Bassin'

    6. Feel It.


Download Propa Pods 23rd February 2009Propa Pods 23rd February 2009

  • Rap returns, this month showcasing the talents of Mark Campbell

    Track list:

    1. DJ Rap & Tyler Revata - Reachin Out (Mark Campbell Remix) / Propa Talent

    2. Mark Campbell - Red Line / Propa Talent

    3. Sanchez And The Shockers - Robbing Nathan (Mark Campbell Remix) / Propa Talent

    4. Mark Campbell - DEFCON1 / Propa Talent

    5. DJ Rap & Tyler Revata - Automatic (Mark Campbell Remix) / Propa Talent


Download Propa Pods 13th January 2009Propa Pods 13th January 2009

  • New Year, new music! DJ Rap drops some badass D&B to brighten up 2009!

    Track list:

    1. Intro - Before The Dawn / Propa Talent

    2. Phantomville - Wake Up / Propa Talent

    3. Killin Time - Innocence / Propa Talent

    4. Killin Time - Lost Cities / Propa Talent

    5. Killin Time - The Revelation / Propa Talent

    6. DJ Rap - Feel It / Propa Talent

    7. DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura / Propa Talent

    8. DJ Rap - Heavenly / Propa Talent

    9. DJ Rap - Angels & Demons / Propa Talent

    10. DJ Rap - A State Of Bliss / Propa Talent


Download Propa Pods 23rd October 2008Propa Pods 23rd October 2008

  • Rap's back with the latest show, showcasing recent releases from her bad self.

    Track list:

    1. DJ Rap & Mike Hirtazka - Alpha / Impropa Talent

    2. DJ Rap - Frenetic / Impropa Talent

    3. DJ Rap - Solaris / Impropa Talent

    4. DJ Rap Cascade / Impropa Talent


DJ Rap – Your Mind (Gimp + Steve C Mix)

DJ Rap's follow up to "Learning Curve" is called "Synthesis" and comes out at the end of September.

I'll have some dope give aways from Ms. DJ Rap in a few weeks.

Check them out, you'll thank me later!

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