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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"Another top Merseyside venue i loved going to was The Pleasurdrome over in Birkenhead,over the years it was host to some of THE top DJs in the world including Carl Cox,Joey Beltram and Stu Allen to name just a few!!!! But it was always the resident Jocks i loved to see in action ,slightly before my time Dave Graham & John Cotton(MC J.C at the time if am not mistaken?) rocked the Drome but i had the pleasure of spending quite alot of Saturday nights bouncing to sounds of Trix ,Philly(R.I.P),Rusty and of course MC Cyanide!!!! Happy Dayz indeed!! And once again guys i have to thank another one of our regulars for taking the time and effort to deliver us these belting sets from yester-year...LEEB we thank you mate!!!"

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