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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Transgendered recording artist, Dina Marie, is speaking out on behalf of the LGBT community saying that Lil Mama's apology isn't enough.

"I feel as a transgendered woman that it was unnecessary for Lil Mama to refer to Leiomy as a man, because transexuality is not something that is learned, but it is something that is with you from birth. It is something inside you," Dina Marie said.

Dina Marie said it is important that those assigned in a position to judge should be more sensitive to the LGBT community.

"To remind someone they're a male when they never saw themselves as such is disturbing to say the least," she added.

However, Dina Marie says she is proud of Leiomy.

"As an emerging artist myself, I recognize the position that Leiomy is in, the inner struggle of exposing her true self to world to be judged. That all deserves support, love and adminiration from the LGBT community," Dina Marie said in a statement to

Dina Marie says she would also like to extended an open invitation to Leiomy with the possibility of appearing in one of the videos for her upcoming album.


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