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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dear Nightlife Preservationist,

Primary Elections are on the horizon.
Now, more than ever, it is a critical time for nightlife patrons, employees, owners, sympathizers and their families to stand up and help preserve our nighttime economy and nightlife culture here in the City That Never Sleeps. We are under attack from the "Not in my backyard" residents (the NIMBYS) who want to turn our Big Apple into Cleveland on the Hudson. Now you can do something to make your voice heard. Not satisfied with their assault on Manhattan, they are now turning down licenses in Williamsburg and other areas of Brooklyn as well as in Queens. No neighborhood is safe.

September 15th is election primary day in NYC.
We have identified a few critical races with candidates who have a history of being pro small business and friendly to the concerns of responsible nightlife. These primaries in effect decide the election because whoever wins the primary generally wins the election in November. So the primary is the key voting day (unless there is a "run-off" that case, we'll update you).

Support and vote for these candidates:
Now is the time to stand up and make a difference to help preserve nightlife. Please do your part.

Click the link above to donate to David Yassky's campaign.

Click the link above to donate to Eric Gioia's campaign.

Bob Zuckerman for Council (Brooklyn's 39th)
Click the link above to donate to Bob Zuckerman's campaign.

Karen Koslowitz for Council (Queens 29th)
Please mail donations for Karen Koslowitz to:
Ronnie Croce
Care of Karen Koslowitz for Council '09
69-40 108th Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Your vote will count.
YOU can influence the outcome of these local elections just as large numbers of us did nationally last year by voting, volunteering if you have the time, donating some dollars to these campaigns so that they can get their message out, and by sending this email alert to your email lists.

Please click on to the email links for each of these four candidates and get involved. We are especially asking for donations NOW, in the next 10 days, of $25, $50 or more if you can to each of candidates. If you live in NYC, the public financing system will
match your donation 6-1!! Their links will get you to their donation pages.

We endorse these candidates because they support nightlife and a vibrant nighttime economy.

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