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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

living for trash queen jane!!

HeShe Says:

Breakout and The F Word: What a Fucking Weekend

This was the weekend from hell. But fun hell! Let me tell you.

"FRIDAY - Breakout at RUSH with Dina Marie, King Ralphy, Yuhua, Nicho and Jane!

We start off pregaming at my apartment. It's quite a scene as Ky-Kyle, Nancy Nosecandy and I are already stumbling around my apartment at 11:15 p.m. Thank you, vodka. Shane Ohmer sends Ky-Kyle a text detailing a night at Elmo where Epiphany is currently performing. It becomes a solid idea to visit her before Breakout. We walk into Elmo, tranny-fied no doubt, trapse downstairs to find that it's a private party. Epiphany looks like Marilyn Monroe, with thirty 60 year olds clapping their hands holding Marilyn fans. We dash out hoping that no one has seen us. 20 Minutes Later...Nancy is evicted from Rush. Apparently she was pouring drinks all over the poor patrons on the lower level. She swears she's innocent, but then again, so did Charles Manson!

After a lot of dancing, mezmerizing a few 18-year-old boys, and a gorgeous pay, I slithered home, drunk, out of my mind."
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