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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

dj merritt x has something to say about tinsley mortimer & paris hilton

god only knows what he thinks about me....

"Tinsley has been Paris Hilton’s New York version ever since Paris abandoned New York and retuned to her native Los Angeles to live, love, laugh and be wealthy" –

Correction New York Social Diary, Paris Hilton is still New York's version of Paris Hilton regardless of were she resides. As much as she tried (and boy did she), Tinsley Mortimer barely registered on the meter in regards to popularity the way Hilton managed to do.

By all accounts (i.e.: her public relations team), Mortimer is an intelligent and giving woman who spends her spare time contributing to charitable organizations and helping those who are less fortunate. Although one has to question what benefit improvised, homeless children will derive from receiving free Christian Dior makeovers. Reference Tinsley's heroic act of Top Model selflessness here:

If Mortimer wants to be taken seriously, maybe she should stop trying to ride on the coattails of a woman whose primary claim to fame was having no gag reflex and put her (ex husband's) money where her mouth is by doing something truly worthwhile with her time - something like donating Prada backpacks to families in Malawi so they can keep their belongings safe or maybe giving away free Chanel key chains as motivation to build more mud huts. That's sure to land her on the cover of WWD.

Socialites these days, they sure don't make em' like Brooke Astor anymore.

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