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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bars Fined for watering down the boooze!

"NEW YORK (WPIX) - Turns out that round of shots you ordered at the bar the other night -- may not have been what you thought you were paying for.

The State Liquor Authority is cracking down on hot spots across New York City after records revealed that many local establishments are ripping off patrons by refilling top notch bottles with cheaper booze, watering down cocktails, and serving drinks full of fruit flies.

According to records, the SLA fined many well known city clubs for a multitude of violations in 2008-2009 -- including Chelsea hot spot Marquee -- whom apparently settled with the agency for $100,000 in October.

Among the club's violations: hostile environment that led to fights, unregistered security guards and "contaminated" bottles, which a Marquee rep said was for fruit flies found in bottles of liquor."

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