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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Polish The Queen! Every Tuesday @ Stonewall!

Hi Guys, been a while huh?!

I hope you've missed me, I've certainly missed you!

I hope to see you at the new gig. Phil, Naomi, Kristy, Chauncey and I have been having a great time! If you want to compete or know someone who does, have them e-mail us. Were always looking for new talent and the new generation is really bringing it!!

Ralphy =)

Follow @POLISHTHEQUEEN on Social Media, See you there!

Polish The Queen
By Phil Chanel 
A Weekly Drag Competition Every Tuesday for $$ Prize 
At The Legendary StoneWall Inn
"You're Already A Diva But We Want To Polish A Legend " 

SPECIAL GUEST Marti Gould Cummings II

Hosted By Kristy Blaze, Phil Chanel, & King Ralphy 
DJ Chauncey Dandridge
Door Goddess Naomi Love Hudson 

Each Week Kristy Blaze And Other Legendary Guests Will Polish The Competitors Giving Pointers And Tips To Create A Polished Queen !! The Polished Queens Will Compete For A $$ Prizes !! Our Legendary Panel Of Judges Will Pick Top Queens ..Then Our Audience Picks The Winner (Audience You're The Judges!) Enjoy Drink Specials, Dance, Mingle, Show Time at Midnight & More (Check In By 11:30 For Competition) music max 5 minutes long No Cds ...

Every First Tuesday Of The Month " The Category Is " We Add A Category To Spice Up The Party !

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